Persuasive Writing Topics for Kids: 100+ Topics to Choose From

The art of persuasion is used by each one of us in some form or the other. Also, we are exposed to other people’s persuasions in the form of advertisements, proposals, brochures, etc. which often motivates us to make certain decisions. In the same context, persuasive writing is a form of academic writing which aims at convincing others to believe in your ideas or opinions which you justify by giving logical arguments supported by examples, anecdotes, strong emotions, etc.


Whether you are a parent of an elementary school kid or you are a middle schooler yourself, every kid needs to persuade his/her friends, classmates, parents, or teachers for something or the other. Hence, practicing persuasive writing from an early age can get you accustomed to stating your opinions and offering evidence in support in a logical manner.


If you are a beginner and have come here searching for interesting persuasive writing topics for kids, we could be of some help. But, before we list out some of the best persuasive writing ideas for kids, you must first understand why it is important to learn the skills of persuasive writing and how to shortlist persuasive text topics for kids to score well.


Why Is Persuasive Writing Important For Kids?

Persuasive writing is a critical skill that teaches how to use the power of words to shape opinions. It not only helps kids in their student life but also prepares them for their future professions. Learning persuasive writing can help kids to be more expressive about their ideas and opinions. Researching on persuasive writing topics for kids improves their reading and comprehension skills as they need to scan several texts to find facts. It also improves their writing and formatting skills as they learn to present their ideas lucidly. Learning persuasive writing also helps kids develop critical thinking by making them draw logical conclusions.  They learn to accept and value other’s opinions as they consider their audience’s mindsets while writing persuasive texts.


Criteria for Selecting Good Persuasive Writing Topics for Kids

If you are a parent searching for persuasive writing ideas for kids, there a few points that you must keep in mind.

  1. Choose a topic that is interesting and easy to understand
  2. The persuasive writing topics for kids must be relevant to your child’s age group
  3. When beginning to teach or learn persuasive writing avoid any overly sensitive topic. Choose lighter subjects that are fun to work upon.
  4. Your child should be able to research the topic on his own.
  5. The topic must be logical so that it is easier to give supporting evidence.
  6. When choosing persuasive writing ideas for kids keep the audience in mind.
  7. Choose a topic according to the format it is being used for; whether it is for an essay, speech, etc.


Best 100+ Persuasive Writing Topics For Kids


  1. Animals should not be kept in zoos
  2. Should animals be tamed as pets?
  3. Should you dress up your pets in clothes?
  4. Why it is immoral to eat animals and birds?
  5. Dogs make better pets than cats
  6. Animal shows should be prohibited
  7. Is animal sport ethical?
  8. Dogs are a man’s best friend
  9. Do aquariums and zoos help with wildlife conservation?
  10. Should birds be kept as pets in cages at home?



  1. What is better, being the older sibling or the younger sibling?
  2. Families should do more activities together
  3. What are the three most important things that parents should tell their children?
  4. Families must spend more time together
  5. Children must do chores at home
  6. Should parents limit the number of hours children spend watching TV?
  7. The most important issue parents should explain to younger children
  8. Snow days are great for family time
  9. Why families are important?
  10. Can friends be more important than family?



  1. Is it a good idea to have a bestfriend?
  2. Is it impossible to have too many friends?
  3. What is most important in friendship?
  4. What defines true friendship?
  5. Country life is better than city life.
  6. Is city life is better than country life?
  7. Should people under 18 be prohibited to create Instagram accounts?
  8. Children should be regulated to use social media



  1. Students should have lesser homework
  2. What are the pros and cons of summer classes?
  3. Reasons to continue studying in summer
  4. School sports should be made mandatory
  5. Ways to change school meals
  6. Should school be made year-round?
  7. School breaks should be longer
  8. Should pets be allowed inside educational institutions?
  9. Is the dress code a limitation of freedom?
  10. The gym is more important than the music class
  11. School should take place in the evenings
  12. Is online schooling negatively affecting the level of education?
  13. The importance of physical education
  14. The role of school newspaper and radio in the life of students
  15. Attending clubs after school
  16. Importance of penmanship
  17. Borrowing books from the library is better than buying from a store
  18. Lunch periods should be longer for younger kids
  19. Homework should be optional
  20. Kids should get paid for good grades
  21. Is reading more important than math?
  22. Should holidays be celebrated in schools?
  23. Kids should be allowed to take off their shoes in their classrooms
  24. Students should be free to take drinks and bathroom breaks
  25. Should junk food be banned from schools?
  26. If you are made the principal of your school for a day, what would you do?



  1. Why you should tell the truth?
  2. Nobody should litter
  3. We should provide food for the poor
  4. Men and women should have equal rights no matter what country they live in
  5. Is it important to be honest?
  6. Is it important to have good manners? Why or why not?



  1. If you could choose any person in history to put on the $10 bill, whom will you choose?
  2. The most distinguished historical figure
  3. Columbus discovered America
  4. If you could be someone in history, who would you have been?



  1. Do girls like to play with action figures?
  2. Are violent video games dangerous?
  3. Skateboard helmets should be mandatory



  1. Do aliens exist?
  2. Should we populate the moon?
  3. Waste management can help save the planet
  4. Should recycling be mandatory?
  5. We should all grow our own vegetables
  6. Global Warming: myth or truth?
  7. Is the world round or flat?
  8. Did dinosaurs exist and go extinct?
  9. Robots can make life easier for humans
  10. Kids can help fight climate change
  11. Will astronauts find life on other planets?
  12. Older generation did have a chance to save the planet?
  13. The harmful effect of plastic on the environment


Food, Health, and Hygiene

  1. Going to bed early is important for good health
  2. Pros and cons of eating sweets
  3. Kids should start every morning with yoga
  4. Is exercise important?  Why or why not?
  5. Why is taking a shower every day important?
  6. Cereal is not a healthy breakfast
  7. Which is better McDonald’s or Burger King?
  8. All students should learn how to cook



  1. What are the qualities necessary to become a President?
  2. Together we can change the world
  3. Should everyone learn another language?
  4. What’s the best TV cartoon and why?
  5. What are the best places for summer vacation?
  6. Kids must get larger allowances
  7. Which is the best TV show ever?
  8. Parents should teach children to stay on their own at home
  9. Kids should be allowed to use cell phones
  10. Tribal cultures should be preserved
  11. Which season is the best?
  12.  Students should have 3-day weekend
  13.  What is the best superpower to have?
  14.  If you had to describe yourself as a color, which color would that be?
  15.  Which is your favorite superhero and why?


Guidelines for Writing on Persuasive Text Topics For Kids

Now that you have plenty of good persuasive writing topics for kids to choose from, you must also adhere to the guidelines of persuasive writing to make a good impact on your audience. The following points will help you write a good persuasive piece.


Guideline 1: Whether it is a persuasive essay or a speech it should start with a strong introduction. Your opening paragraph should be able to grab your audience’s attention. It must briefly discuss your topic and why it is important to choose a side for or against it.


Guideline 2: Support your argument with at least three strong evidences. This will make it easier for you to convince your audience. Make sure that the facts sourced are authentic.


Guideline 3: Make use of persuasive words and phrases to make your readers/audience agree with you. E.g. “In my opinion”, “for this reason”, “some people believe that”, therefore, certainly, surely, etc.


Guideline 4: Address all opposing views as well. This will show that you have done thorough research for your topic.


Guideline 5: Create an outline for your essay or speech writing down the main points. Try to maintain a logical flow by rearranging, adding, or omitting the facts.


Guideline 6: Leave your audience with questions that urge them to think and take action.



While we have tried to list down the most popular persuasive writing ideas for kids, do not limit yourself only to these topics. There are hundreds of issues that you can choose to address and millions of ideas that you can explore. Though the criteria that we covered initially in this article must be considered while selecting persuasive text topics for kids, but writing is a creative process and you must not restrict your flow of thoughts to set standards. We hope that you found our list of persuasive writing topics for kids helpful. If you need further help with writing a persuasive essay, you can also reach out to the expert writers at EssayWriter4u.